I make my living writing. Articles, books, speeches, annual reports, grants, proposals, songs -- I enjoy the challenges presented by all types of writing. The right words turn abstract ideas and dreams, or poorly written material and dry technical topics into documents that make people excited to commit to a project or read for more information. Achieving that, for me, is a pleasure.

The following are some of the projects I have worked on over the years:

♦ co-published a quarterly magazine about organic and sustainable agriculture for six years
♦ full-time speechwriter for a Saskatchewan premier
researched and wrote the history of the Lloydminster Cooperative Association
edited an analysis of a micro-finance banking system in Sri Lanka, creating one voice out of four reports written by a lawyer, an economist, an historian and a sociologist
co-wrote the history of the Ness Creek Festival as part of a 15th anniversary multi-media package
edited writing that was created in Cree and translated to English
story-boarded, video recorded, edited and scripted many cultural projects in a First Nations organization
produced annual reports, news releases, and in-house publications
provided advise and ideas for countless successful resumes used in equally successful job searches

My background also includes songwriting, giving me an edge on creatively presenting your ideas. And as a Communications Instructor at a technical institute for 15 years, I deal with technical writing, resumes, cover letters and presentations all day, every day. I know good from bad and I know how to fix what needs fixing. I am professional, fast, hard working and easy to get along with. My writing is clean, elegant, technically correct and easy to read. I can take your criticism of my work and make the changes you want, so that the finished product reflects your passion and voice, with a finished polish. Hire me for all your writing needs, and you will be happy with the result.

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